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Feel free to download, read and cite anything listed here. However, if you plan to cite or distribute, please first contact me to see if there is a more updated version available. (Links to drafts will be available soon. For now, if you would like to read anything below, please email me at

Preface to Korean translation of From Slavery to the Cooperative Commonwealth

“Quitting Work But Not the Job: Liberty and the Right to Strike,” Perspectives on Politics (Revise & Resubmit, draft available)


“Justice by Other Means: When Striking Workers Coerce Other Workers” (outline available)


“From Smith to Hayek: The Dis-enchantment and Re-enchantment of Capitalism” (presented at CSPT conference ‘On the Economy’ at Yale University, draft available)


“Solidarity and Civic Virtue: The Transformation of Republicanism in Nineteenth Century America” (presented at Oxford University, ‘Reclaiming Republicanism conference’, draft available)


“Paine and Property: Justice and Sociability in the Age of Revolutions” (presented at SHEAR 2014 and at APSA 2015, draft available)


“Unfinished Revolution: Freedom and Property in Nineteenth Century Republicanism” (draft available)


“The Two Faces of Labor Republicanism: Cooperatives and the Strike” (presented at Yale University, draft available)


“Exploitation at the Point of Production” (invited contribution to edited collection on Exploitation, accepted at Oxford University Press)


“Labor Republicanism and Basic Income” (invited contribution to special edition of Basic Income Studies on “Basic Income and Economic Democracy”)


“Strikes and American Political Development” (research program with Suresh Naidu, Columbia University, Department of Economics)


“Class Conflict and Police Professionalization” (research in progress with Shigeo Hirano, Columbia Political Science, and Suresh Naidu, Columbia Economics) 

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