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Aside from the articles and interviews listed below, you can also find my public commentary at The Current Moment. You can find a full list of my Jacobin articles here and of my American Prospect articles here.


'Our Forgotten Labor Revolution,' Jacobin, Issue 18 'Struggle and Progress,' Summer 2015


'You Can't Be Pro-Euro and Anti-Austerity' Jacobin, 7/15/15


'Gun Control's Racist Reality' Salon, 6/24/15


Socialism Should be About What It Is For, Not What It Is Against Aeon Ideas


‘53 Historians Weigh in on Obama,’ New York Magazine, 1/11/15


‘The New Republic Dug Its Own Grave,’ Al-Jazeera America, 12/14/14


‘Decline of the Strike,’ Dissent, Fall, 2014, 142-147


‘After Austerity,’ Jacobin, 4/25/13


‘Wage-Slavery and Republican Liberty,’ Jacobin, 2/28/13


‘Let it Bleed: Libertarianism and the Workplace,’ co-authored with Chris Bertram and Corey Robin, Crooked Timber, 7/1/12       


‘Two Hurricanes,’ Jacobin, Summer 2012


‘Borrowed Energy: Review of Corey Robin’s The Reactionary Mind: Conservatism From Edmund Burke to Sarah Palin,’ Dissent, Summer 2012


‘Wrong Reaction: against Mark Lilla’s review of Reactionary Mind’ Jacobin 1/2/12


‘America’s Failed Promise of Equal Opportunity,’ co-authored with Aziz Rana, Salon, 2/12/12


‘Fear,’ The Chronicle Review, 8/7/11


‘The Politics of Fear: Whatever Happened to the War on Terror?’ N+1 Number 6, Winter 2008


Against the War On Terror, (now offline) a co-authored blog, 2005-2006


'How Divided is America?' Spiked-Online, 10/8/05 (other Spiked articles from 2002-2006 available here) 


‘Exporting Censorship to Iraq’ The American Prospect, October, 2003 14:9. Reprinted in Project Censored 2005.


'State of Emergency' Spiked-Online, 9/1/04


‘Body Count’ Washington Monthly, June 2003        


‘Asylum Interrupted’ The American Prospect, April, 2003, 14:4


‘Better Living Through Chemistry’ Washington Monthly, March 2003





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