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Brown University, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, 2013-present

Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Political Theory Project, 2011-2012


McMaster University, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, 2012-2013


Harvard University, Committee on Degrees in Social Studies

Harvard College Fellow 2010-2011, Teaching Assistant 2008-2010




Columbia University, Ph.D with distinction, M. Phil. 2006, Ph.D 2010   

Supervisors: Jean Cohen, Nadia Urbinati, Ira Katznelson


Oxford University, Frank Knox Fellow, Completed first year of M. Phil. in Politics, 2001- 2002, Two distinctions in Political Theory exams.


Harvard University, B.A. in Social Studies: magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa.





From Slavery to the Cooperative Commonwealth: Labor and Republican Liberty in the Nineteenth Century, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015.


Politics Without Sovereignty: A Critique of Contemporary International Relations, eds. Philip Cunliffe, Chris Bickerton, Alex Gourevitch, London: Routledge, 2007.



“Quitting Work But Not the Job: Liberty and the Right to Strike,” Perspectives on Politics (conditional accept). Winner of Best Paper Award from the Foundations of Political Thought section of the American Political Science Association (for APSA 2014).


“Liberty and Its Economies,” Politics, Philosophy & Economics (forthcoming 2015, published online 2014).


“Welcome to the Dark Side: A Classical Liberal Argument for Economic Democracy,” Critical Review, 2014, 26:3-4, 1-16.


“Labor Republicanism and the Transformation of Work,” Political Theory, 2013, 41:4, 591-617.


“Debt, Freedom, and Inequality” Philosophical Topics, 2012, 40:1, 135-151.


“William Manning and the Political Theory of the Dependent Classes,” Modern Intellectual History, 2012, 9:2, 331-360.


“Labor and Republican Liberty,” Constellations: An International Journal of Critical and Democratic Theory, 2011, 18:3, 431-454.


“The Contradictions of Progressive Constitutionalism,” Ohio State Law Review, 2011, 72:6, 1159-1182.


“Environmentalism–Long Live the Politics of Fear,” Public Culture, 2010, 22:3, 411-24.


“Are Human Rights Liberal?” Journal of Human Rights, 2009, 8:4, 301-322.


Book Chapters

“National Insecurities: The New Politics of the American National Interest,” in Politics Without Sovereignty: A Critique of Contemporary International Relations, eds. Philip Cunliffe, Chris Bickerton, Alex Gourevitch, London: University College London, Routledge, 2007, p. 58-76


“Introduction” and “Chapter 1: Politics Without Sovereignty,” (co-author) in Politics Without Sovereignty: A Critique of Contemporary International Relations, eds. Philip Cunliffe, Chris Bickerton, Alex Gourevitch, London: University College London, Routledge, 2007, p. 1-19, 20-38


“Neo-Wilsonianism: The Limits of American Ethical Foreign Policy,” in Rethinking Ethical Foreign Policy: Pitfalls, Possibilities and Paradoxes, eds. David Chandler and Volker Heins, London: Routledge, 2006, p. 25-49


Book Reviews and Encyclopedia Entries

“Review Essay: Police Work: The Centrality of Labor Repression in American Political History,” Perspectives on Politics (forthcoming in September 2015 issue, in special issue on policing and incarceration)


“Republican Political Thought,” The Encyclopedia of Political Thought ed. Michael T. Gibbons et al., Hoboken: Wiley-Blackwell, (forthcoming)


“Review article on The Labor Question in America by Rosanne Currarino,” Historical Materialism 21:2, 2013, 179-191


The New Police Science eds. Mariana Valverde and Mark Dubber, in Constellations: An International Journal of Critical and Democratic Theory, 15:4, 2008, p. 590-592


Dividing the State: Legitimacy, Secession, and the Doctrine of Oppression, by Paul Groarke, in Ethnopolitics, 4:3, 2005, p. 352-354


“The Unfailing of the State” a three book review for the Columbia Journal of International Affairs, Fall 2004, 58:1, p. 255-260


In progress

“Justice by Other Means: When Striking Workers Coerce Other Workers” (draft available)


“From Smith to Hayek: The Dis-enchantment and Re-enchantment of Capitalism” (presented at CSPT conference ‘On the Economy’ at Yale University, draft available)


“Solidarity and Civic Virtue: The Transformation of Republicanism in Nineteenth Century America” (presenting at Oxford University, conference ‘Reclaiming Republicanism’, draft available)


“Paine and Property: Justice and Sociability in the Age of Revolutions” (presenting at APSA, draft available)


“Unfinished Revolution: Freedom and Property in Nineteenth Century Republicanism” (draft available)


“The Two Faces of Labor Republicanism: Cooperatives and the Strike” (presented at Yale University, draft available)


“Exploitation at the Point of Production” (invited contribution to edited collection on Exploitation, accepted at Oxford University Press)


“Labor Republicanism and Basic Income” (invited contribution to special edition of Basic Income Studies on “Basic Income and Economic Democracy”)


“Strikes and American Political Development” (research program with Suresh Naidu, Columbia University, Department of Economics)


“Class Conflict and Police Professionalization” (research in progress with Shigeo Hirano, Columbia Political Science, and Suresh Naidu, Columbia Economics)


Selected Talks and Conference Presentations


Invited Talks

Stanford University Political Theory Workshop, (scheduled May 20, 2016)

New School Politics Department Speaker Series (scheduled April 19, 2016)

University of Virginia Political Theory Colloquium, (scheduled October 2, 2015)

Harvard University

           Workshop on History, Culture and Society, (scheduled November 6, 2015)

           Political Theory Colloquium, 2014

Princeton University Program in Ethics and Public Affairs, (scheduled October 22, 2015)

Oxford University

           Department of Politics and International Relations (DPIR) 2015

           Republicanism Reconsidered conference, (DPIR) 2015

           Reconciling Politics and Society conference (DPIR) 2008

           Sovereignty in the 21st Century conference (DPIR) 2005

           United States and Global Human Rights, Rothermere Institute 2004

Yale University

           Committee for the Study of Political Thought 2015

           Center for the Study of Representative Institutions 2014

University of Chicago

           Articulating Politics book conference 2015

           Law School 2014

Hamilton College (Skype talk) 2015

Dartmouth University Politics, Philosophy, and Economics Workshop 2014

Cornell University Political Theory Workshop 2014

Columbia University Political Theory Colloquium 2014

City University of New York 2014

Suffolk University, 2013

Ohio State University Law School, 2011

University of Amsterdam, 2011


Conference Presentations

American Political Science Association (scheduled 2015), 2014, 2011, 2010

Association for Political Theory, 2010, 2008

Society for Historians of the Early Republic, 2014

Western Political Science Association Conference, 2008

International Studies Association 2007, 2006, 2005

NOMOS conference, (tentatively scheduled January 6, 2016)



Brown University

Introduction to Political Thought Fall 2013, Spring 2012 (undergrad lecture)

Classics of Political Economy Spring 2015 (undergrad lecture, co-taught)

Idea of Socialism Fall 2013 (grad seminar)

Work and Leisure Spring 2014 (undergrad seminar)

Social and Political Thought of Karl Marx Fall 2014 (grad seminar)

Economic Theory and Political Philosophy Spring 2012 (grad seminar)

Civil Disobedience and Resistance scheduled Fall 2015 (grad seminar)

Prosperity: Ethics and Economics of Wealth Creation Fall 2012 (undergrad seminar, co-taught)


McMaster University

Introduction to Political Philosophy Fall 2012 (undergrad lecture)

Karl Marx Spring 2013 (grad seminar)


Harvard University

Social Studies 10a and 10b 2008-2012 (undergrad seminar)

Social Studies 98: Freedom Spring 2012 (junior seminar)

Grants, Awards and Fellowships

Best Paper Award from the Foundations of Political Thought section of the American Political Science Association (for APSA 2014)

Population Studies and Training Center Inequality Award (2014)

Salomon Research Award (2013)

Montreal Political Theory Manuscript Workshop Award (2013)

Brown Political Theory Project post-Doctorate (2011-12)

Harvard College Fellowship (2010-11)

Derek Bok Distinction in Teaching Award (Harvard University) six-time recipient (2008-2011)


Professional Experience


APSA Foundations of Political Thought Board Member

Reviewer: Constellations; Politics, Philosophy & Economics; American Political Thought; European Journal of Political Theory; Res Publica; Contemporary Political Thought; Johns Hopkins University Press; Oxford University Press

Memberships: APSA, APT, ASPLP

Assistant Editor, Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding, 2006-2008

Co-Convenor of Sovereignty and Its Discontents, an international relations working group, January 2005-2012


Brown University

Co-Organizer, Political Economy Seminar Series, Watson Institute, 2015-

Co-Organizer, Labor Seminar Series, Watson Institute, Fall 2014

Dissertation committees:

           Jennie Ikuta (defended 2014) Assistant Professor, University of Oklahoma

           Michal Ben Noah, Liza Williams, Puneet Bhasin, Oddny Helgadottir, Dan Carrigg

Thesis Advisees:

           Luke Lattanzi-Silveus, Erin Iyigun


Journalism (selected)

Co-author of The Current Moment, political economy blog:

Jacobin, N+1, Salon, Dissent, The American Prospect, New York Magazine, Al-Jazeera America, Crooked Timber, The Chronicle Review, Washington Monthly

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